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Skincare with No Secrets

Skincare with No Secrets

Skincare with No Secrets has been our brand’s company policy and tagline since its creation, but what does that really mean you might ask? How many other companies have also told you that their products are “organic” and “all natural”? Our guess is many. While this may be somewhat true it comes with a lot of hidden agendas and partial truths. At CW Beauty, we pride ourselves on one thing, transparency. Absolutely no lies or blurred lines, no inconsistenciesor half-truths just honest formulations that deliver superior results. Below, we highlight five initiatives that reveal our transparency or simply stated why we are a “no bull” company.

  • CW Beauty uses only the highest quality ingredients. If that statement seems rather vague, here is what we mean by it. We could easily choose to use synthetically manufactured ingredients that would cost us, as a business much less, however, we are truly dedicated to quality and refuse to cut corners.
  • Our price point was created with the consumer in mind, not our bottom line. We have done our best to create highly effective, superior quality products that are accessible to most. If a product costs more, it’s because the raw ingredients cost more to make. We do not inflate prices to appear bigger and better like most. Example, we recently noticed a product on the market that consisted of two ingredients: water and argan oil selling for $80!
  • We never take cheap shortcuts by adding water and other cheap fillers to our products. Even if it cost us more, we choose ingredients that actually work to create better skin for you.
  • “I Got You Babe,” there are no middlemen – it’s just you and us. We work hard to make our products direct to consumer. There are no middlemen that take a percentage of the cut from each sell, making it more expensive for you as the consumer. 
  • Lastly, it’s our family to yours. We are a family business that cares about the wellbeing of your entire family. If it’s not good enough for our family, it is not good enough for yours.

In closing, we are an honest company and stand firm in our integrity. We take pride in the products we craft, keeping you in mind from the start of production to the finish line. You have our promise that we will continue to keep your best interest at the center of all we do. It’s an honor to serve you and we are proud to call you our friends.  



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