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Rosewater: The Secret Life of The Rose

Rosewater: The Secret Life of The Rose

Rosewater, it’s as heavenly and refreshing as it sounds. What actually is it? Let’s start with the basics. Rosewater is the byproduct of rose essential oil making. When the roses are being distilled for their oils, it’s the water that is left behind. Some other common names for rose water include rose hydrosol and rose floral water. Believe it or not, the best rose water does not come from those making rose essential oil, they come from distillers who are actually making pure rose water, not the “byproduct” that is the left-over result of rose essential oil making.

Rosewater is a powerful antiseptic so skin issues such as acne are no match for the antiseptic with regular use. Its properties benefit sensitive, dry, and irritated skin by controlling sebum production, reducing inflammation, allowing the outer skin to repair itself. Rosewater also tightens pores making them look smaller. Below we have highlighted five beauty benefits of this amazing elixir.

  1. Due to its antibacterial properties, rose water helps scars heal faster.
  2. The antioxidant properties of this water help strengthen skin cells and regenerate tissues.
  3. Rose water helps keep the skin pH balance in check and helps control excess oil.
  4. Calms and soothes irritated skin
  5. Maintains elasticity of the skin

When processed for skincare, the Bulgarian, Rosa damascene, Moroccan, and the Rosa centifolia species of the rose are used. This powerful beauty tool is very versatile and can also be used to aid internal health and can even aid your hair. It has been said that when rosewater is sprayed on the skin or the fragrance is inhaled, it can help to aid anxiety and depression while improving mood. It can also be applied to hair for added shine. The rose, no longer just a beautiful flower but a wonderful aid in overall health.


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