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Skincare With No Secrets

At Chelsey Wang: Skincare with No Secrets, we pride ourselves on one thing, transparency.  Absolutely no lies or blurred lines, no inconsistencies or half-truths just honest formulations that deliver superior results at a great price point. 


Below are three initiatives that reveal our transparency.  Honestly, they are what set us apart from every other skincare company. 

PEACE of Mind

‘Peace of mind’ not something you directly associate with your skincare regime but perhaps you should. Did you know that the last time Congress passed a major law addressing chemicals used in cosmetics and personal care products was 1938. That means we are going on 80 plus years of unregulated products. Studies have shown that many of the chemicals, synthetic ingredients, fragrances and preservatives used in mainstream skincare products today (even expensive ones!) have been proven to cause hormonal disruption, low birthweight in baby boys, and carcinogens in the body (cancer causing agents). This is so unacceptable. You should not have to worry if your face wash is going to cause a hormonal imbalance (which it can!) You should be able to put diaper creme on your baby’s bum and not worry if there are chemicals being absorbed into his blood stream that will affect his long term health (which it can!). The sad reality is that we are dealing with a highly unregulated industry. So we will be regulators. We have decided to not only say no to the ingredients that are harmful but we promise to say yes to what is actually best for you skin. Even if it costs us more. Your safety, your health, your happiness, your overall wellbeing means something to us. We care about you. We care about your babies. You can pick up any one of our products and rest. You can know that we have done the research and we will hold ourselves to the highest standard in the skincare industry because we care about you. 


Confident in your skin aka our products actually work, they create for you, better skin. They are effective. Our ingredients are so superior in quality that they deliver visible results. Our oils are cold pressed which  means that all the nutrients found in that oil are still intact, waiting to penetrate your skin like a vitamin for the whole body. The majority of our ingredients are organic which means they have been farmed, processed or extracted without the use of harmful chemicals like most skincare ingredients. They are often raw, unfiltered, and truly of the highest quality available to consumers. Our high standard of raw ingredients in each product formulation, allows CW products to offer you superior, fast and noticeable results. This allows you to feel confident in your skin, radiant and youthful, which isn’t that what we are hoping for from our daily skincare regime!?

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Price INtegrity

Our price point was created with the consumer in mind, not our bottom line. We have done our best to create highly effective, superior quality products that are accessible to most. If a product costs more, it’s because the raw ingredients cost more to make. We never take cheap shortcuts by adding water and other inexpensive fillers in order to increase our margin. That would compromise the integrity and effectiveness of our products (not to mention, it would compromise the 100% purity of our products which makes them so safe). Even if it cost us more, we choose ingredients that actually work to create better skin for you. We do not inflate prices to appear bigger and better like most. We challenge you to take one of our products, look at the ingredients, the amount of product your getting and its cost. Compare it to another company. Our competitors are offering you half the amount at double, sometimes triple the cost. We are a company through and through that thinks of you first. Its about integrity. We will not manipulate you into thinking something is more valuable than it actually is. We stand behind each and every product. It is worth every cent it cost and nothing more.