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Miscarriage & The Birth of Our Business

Miscarriage & The Birth of Our Business

Happy Easter dear friends,

While dying eggs with my two year old this weekend, and trying to explain to him that eggs resemble ‘new life' I couldn’t help but get emotional as I was starring at his sweet face. Four years ago, I was terrified I would never have this opportunity. After a surprising and very painful miscarriage, we would wait 18 months (and experience another miscarriage) before conceiving our son, Keely Mac, who is now our vibrant two year old. Redemption is not lost on me. What does this have to do with your business you might be thinking? 

During that time of so much heartache, uncertainty and a lot of extra time on my hands waiting… we ‘fell into’ a new passion-  safe skincare. In a season of great loss, the research hit me hard…  maybe harder than it would have if we had not just lost our first baby. The fact that personal care products for adults and babies alike are filled with chemicals and synthetic ingredients that cause infertility and a host of other horrific ’side effects’, was just not okay. And while we were not “infertile” I had just lost a life inside me. The injustice of  the unregulated skincare industry — hit a very soft spot inside my heart. And now, four years later it has allowed us to journey here - with you - providing safe skincare and baby care products that we believe in wholeheartedly. 

Thank you for walking with us and believing with us that all of this can change. That we can make a difference. 

Happy Easter, friends


Chelsey Wang 

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Lori Parodi
Lori Parodi

April 27, 2018

What a heartbreaking but inspiring story Chelsey! Thank you for all your hard work, so we too, can enjoy the fruits of your labor and research.
Job well done!

These products are so refreshing and amazing.

Thanks again!

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