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Ingredients You Will Never Find in Our Products

Ingredients You Will Never Find in Our Products

At Chelsey Wang, we pride ourselves on transparency and relaying to you, our friends what is going into each and every product we produce for you. The majority of mainstream skincare products have a multitude of bizarre, strange and even down-right creepy ingredients, with the potential to turn your body chemistry into a bio-hazard zone. Some of these oddities are masked under the broad label of fragrances, synthetics, dyes, and chemicals. Here at CW we are calling a spade to spade, refusing to risk consumer safety for an extra buck. So, what are these so-called fragrances, synthetics, dyes and chemicals you ask? We are here to break it all down for you.

Let’s start with the basics, two ingredients that you will never see listed on our labels are BHA and BHT. Not a chance. These two chemicals have been tested and are known to be likely carcinogenic. Any carcinogen has the ability to affect DNA directly, which in turn can cause cancer.

Now, let’s talk about the word fragrance. Anytime you see the word fragrance listed as an ingredient on one of your favorite products realize this could mean almost anything. Here’s why: fragrances are not regulated by the FDA and companies are not required to list ingredients used to make up a fragrance. Shocked yet? Well, it gets worse. According to Science Daily, “a single fragrance in a product can be made up of several hundred ingredients.” The Cancer Prevention Coalition sounded the alarm on this subject, warning consumers that simply being exposed to these so-called fragrance ingredients has the potential to cause hormonal disruptions and even cancer. It has also gone as far as calling the federal government’s lack of regulation “recklessly irresponsible.”

CW also avoids the use of all fillers, dyes and synthetic preservatives. Unfortunately, a lot of skincare products available on the market today are packed with fillers of all kinds. These ingredients are commonly known to be irritants, damaging your skin, like parabens and dyes. Every ingredient in all CW products are utilized in their natural state and you have our promise that you will never find fillers, synthetic preservatives, or dyes of any kind in our collections. We are proud to use organic ingredients and be a purely vegan company.


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