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Best SAFE Sunscreens for Children

Best SAFE Sunscreens for Children

We are still getting many questions asking about baby safe sunscreens, so here are 3 great, safe sunscreens for your littles!

Note: If baby is under six months the AAD (American Academy of Dermatology) recommends shade & UVB clothing rather than sunscreen.

For 6 months to toddler years, a mineral based sunscreen is considered safest!

What ingredients to avoid?

Synthetic chemical sunscreens are cheaper to manufacture but are unfortunately not safe. Be aware of these harmful ingredients:

- Oxybezone
- Parabens
- Octisalate
- Octinoxaate

What types of sunscreen to look for?

A mineral based sunscreen is considered safer and more effective! They protect skin without absorbing into the skin (bummer, we know it leaves you a little pasty haha, but its so much safer!) Here are 3 that rate really well on EWG (Environmental Working Group):


Healthy Habits for Kids

My Sister-in-law keeps sunscreen next to her kids toothbrushes, and has her daughters regularly apply sunscreen on their faces everyday, and we have started to do the same! It’s a great habit to start young, and one that I wish I had started younger (hello, sun spots!)

Remember if your littles get a little too much sun, our Soothing Aloe Serum can help calm sun burns and sun irritated skin.