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CW Rebrand

As some of you may know our love for our former company Luxe de Mer has given birth to what is now known as Chelsey Wang Skincare with No Secrets. We have perfected our formulations, introduced new products and have launched our new CW Baby collection. We exist for one purpose, to serve your family by providing the healthiest and safest skincare products today.

Here at Chelsey Wang, we believe in transparency. You have our word that you will always understand the ingredients in each product and why it has been chosen. We will never mislead you with crafty marketing gimmicks, or with words that can be misconstrued or easily taken out of context. We firmly believe in honesty and integrity and every one of our products is marked with both.

We are a family that runs a business. We love what we do, and care about those we are serving. We are not a corporation driven by a bottom line. Our customer’s satisfaction is our bottom line. We have had so much fun dreaming this dream and crafting it into a reality with the goal of it ultimately do one thing, serving. CW Beauty wants to put a voice behind the brand, we want to educate and empower the consumer and shine a light on the dark reality of the current state of skincare.

We welcome you to join us on our exciting new journey and invite your feedback, thoughts and ideas. It’s a season of change here at CW and we want you, our friends, to know that you are our inspiration.