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About Details

Hi Friends,

Im Chelsey Wang, wife to Rob Wang, momma to Keely and Kenzie and co-owner and founder of Chelsey Wang Beauty. My husband and I started CW Beauty in 2013 (formerly known as Luxe de Mer) after our first miscarriage. A heart breaking season, filled with so many questions and doubts left a lot of time for me to research my brains out - which as life would have it - led us to a passion we didn’t even know we had - safe skincare.

Upon finding out that the FDA does not regulate skincare products nor baby care products, we were appalled to learn of all the nasty chemicals, synthetic ingredients and preservatives that fill the shelves of products we all use on the daily. The injustice of it all ignited in us a passion to create something better, something safer, something real.

And years later, with a lot of risk, a lot of “what were we thinking” moments, and a lot of joy, we offer to you, Chelsey Wang: Skincare with No Secrets & Chelsey Wang Baby. We stand behind these products whole heartedly and it is our great joy to share them with you and yours.

Check out our blog for more personal stories about CW Beauty and great info on skincare and baby care products.

Much love!