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The Kenzie Collection { "One-of-Everything" }


Have "One-of-Everything" so you can take care for your baby's sensitive skin.

Organic Hair + Body Wash

Gentle cleansing and hydration leave your baby's skin smelling sweet and feeling soft.

Is there anything sweeter than snuggling up with a freshly bathed tiny one and inhaling all the baby-smell goodness? Actually, there is: Having the peace of mind knowing your baby wash is 100% organic and 0% junk.

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Soothing Aloe Serum

Offer fast relief from neck rashes, sun exposure, and eczema.

Scratches, scrapes, and rashes are inevitable. You want to offer your baby quick relief, but most “first aid” products are far too harsh for their tender skin. Introducing our Soothing Aloe Serum. Like magic in a bottle, it’s a must for every diaper bag.

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Baby Massage Oil

Deepen your parent-baby bond with a luxurious, skin-nourishing massage.

Parenting a tiny one can be exhausting—and being a tiny one isn’t easy, either. Research shows gentle infant massage is good for both of you by improving sleep, decreasing crying, and encouraging more parent-baby interaction.

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Diaper Crème

If your baby’s sensitive skin is a pain in the… ummm… tush… you’re going to love our Diaper Crème. We guarantee it’ll put an end to even the worst case of diaper rash—and all the mom guilt that goes with it.

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Baby Lotion

Soft as velvet, luxurious, and creates a barrier on babies' skin to retain moisture.

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Cradle Cap Set

Eliminate cradle cap with organic oils, a gentle scalp massage, and a relaxing rinse with the Night Night Baby Oil, Night Night Baby Wash, and Cradle Comb + Brush.

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