Price Integrity

September 18, 2018

Price Integrity

Have you checked out the prices of some of the trendiest skincare products lately? One word. Shocking. And for what? Just what are you getting, do you really even know? No condemnation here, it just leads us straight into the third initiative that continues to set CW Beauty apart. It’s called price integrity.

CW’s price point was created with the consumer in mind, not a bottom line. We have done our best to create highly effective, superior quality products that are as accessible as we can. If a product costs more, it’s because the raw ingredients cost more to make.We never take cheap shortcuts by adding water and other inexpensive fillers in order to increase our margin. Which trust us, many companies do.That would compromise the integrity and effectiveness of our products not to mention, it would compromise the 100% purity of our products which makes them so safe. Even if it cost us more, we choose ingredients that actually work to create better skin for you. We do not inflate prices to appear bigger and better like most. We challenge you to take one of our products, look at the ingredients, the amount of product you are getting and its cost. Please compare it to another company. Our competitors are offering you half the amount at double, sometimes triple the cost. We are a company through and through that thinks of you first. Our bottom line is integrity. We will not manipulate you into thinking something is more valuable than it actually is. We stand behind each and every product. It is worth every cent it cost and nothing more. 

We are proud of the products we have created and stand firmly behind each one of them. As we continue to serve you we look forward to moving forward as a company, listening to your feedback and all that you have to say. We want you to grow with us. We want to continue to make products that you both need and want. We encourage you to let us know what you are thinking and if there is something special you would love to see on your shelves never be afraid to let us know. Our greatest joy is having the privilege to create for you the products needed for everyday life in a safe, effective and reliable manner. We are all in this together and you have our promise that we will do everything we can to best serve you.


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