Peace of Mind

September 04, 2018

Peace of Mind

Here at Chelsey Wang Skincare With no Secrets, we aim to deliver superior results along with superior integrity. With so many skincare brands out there now using the latest buzz words and soliciting quasi-truths, it’s no wonder why the general public may be confused. What does clean beauty even really mean anymore? CW works solidly on the foundation of three principles and in an upcoming series here on the blog we will be breaking each initiative down to explain really just what we mean when we say we are different. Let’s dive right in with the first out of our three. Peace of mind. Here is what we mean.

‘Peace of mind’ not something you directly associate with your skincare regime but perhaps you should. Did you know that the last time Congress passed a major law addressing chemicals used in cosmetics and personal care products was 1938? That means we are going on 80 plus years of unregulated products. Studies have shown that many of the chemicals, synthetic ingredients, fragrances and preservatives used in mainstream skincare products today (even expensive ones!) have been proven to cause hormonal disruption, low birthweight in baby boys and carcinogens in the body (cancer-causing agents). This is unacceptable. You should not have to worry if your face wash is going to cause a hormonal imbalance (which it can!) You should be able to put diaper crème on your baby’s bum and not worry if there are chemicals being absorbed into his bloodstream that will affect his long-term health (which it can!). The sad reality here is that we are dealing with a highly unregulated industry.

At Chelsey Wang Beauty we are your regulators. We have decided to not only say no to the ingredients that are harmful, but we promise to say yes to what is actually best for you skin. Even if it costs us more. Your safety, your health, your happiness, your overall wellbeing actually means something to us. We care about you. We care about your babies. You can pick up any one of our products and rest. You can know that we have done the research and we hold ourselves to the highest standard in the skincare industry because we care. 

Our products are artfully curated, simple and precise in meeting the needs of our customers. We are not trying to squeeze an extra dime out of every bottle we produce. Our main payoff is your happiness and safety. We take the quality of our products personally. Every time you pick up a Chelsey Wang product you can literally rest knowing that not only are you ‘home,’ you are safe.

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